Belly Dance Costumes Immediately Available

All belly dance costumes shown here are immediately available for purchase and can be adjusted to your individual measurements. Detailed sizing on these ready-made costumes is available on each costume page.

Love Song

The Singularity Collection

Love Song is a one-of-a-kind professional belly dance costume that blends sweet romance with daring sophistication.  Crystal AB rhinestones and beads accentuate the tonal shades of pinks and corals while the clean angles enhance the soft curves woven throughout the design.


The Hard Candy Collection

A force of nature, Intensity demands attention. The first in The Hard Candy Collection, Intensity is drenched in faceted, angled sparkle. Richly decorated with sew-on rhinestones and glass beads, Intensity tightly fuses a clean asymmetrical design with breathtaking brilliance and intricate fringe.


Elemental Romance

The Simply Stylish Collection

Romantic roses coupled with the unapologetic starkness of animal print fabric create the essence of Elemental Romance.

The fabric used for this set gleams white, black and gray with silver and holographic dots dancing in the spotlights.  Fabric roses in fuchsia and create a whimsical contrast against the bold fabric to create a captivating Belly Dance Bra/Belt set for Raqs Sharqi/Oriental performances as well as fun folkloric pieces.


The Simply Stylish Collection

Carousel delights the senses with its whimsical flirtaciousness. Glittering with feminine colors that meld into a sparkling swirl of shine, Carousel is lighthearted and buoyant, bringing with it a dash of charismatic charm.


The Singularity Collection

Venom is a one-of-a-kind creation that will not be replicated. Jewel-toned velvet in a snake skin print complimented with handmade rhinestone appliqués and oil slick twisted bugle beaded fringe.