Decadent beading is the essence of The Opulence Collection.  Drawing inspiration from Egyptian history and vintage belly dance costumes of yesteryear, my designs bring a modern look to the Golden Age of Belly Dance and celebrates Egypt’s history. Infusing the the past with lush detail and ornate beading, The Opulence Collection embodies elegance and sophistication.

Perfect for Classical Raqs Sharqi and Oriental performances, The Opulence Collection also highlights expressive, dramatic interpretive  and fantasy presentations.

Costume designs within this collection are limited editions. The intricate beading process for The Opulence Collection is very time intensive, limiting the number that can be produced per year.

Many Opulence Collection costumes begin as custom orders.  Please send me a message if you would like one made for you.  I would love to discuss ideas and options with you.

Costumes in this Collection

Pharaonic Opulence

The Opulence Collection

Dripping with opulence, this pharaonic themed Belly Dance Bra/Belt set is powerfully elegant.  This set is loaded with heavily beaded rhinestone medallions and rhinestone trim in the pharaonic colors of turquoise, bronze and gold.

Easily paired with gold, turquoise or bronze, the Pharaonic Opulence also pops with black, navy and white to complete your own individual belly dance persona.