The Hard Candy Collection

The Hard Candy Collection features costume sets in vibrant, monochromatic tones.  Bursting with sew-on rhinestones and glass beads, these sets are flashy attention-grabbers full of saturated sparkle. Each model in The Hard Candy Collection may be ordered in different colors.

Sets in this collection have the belt separate from the skirt for versatility. Pair them with skirt sets for Raqs Sharqi and Drum Solo performances or with galabeyas for Folklore performances.

Order 3+ sets from The Hard Candy Collection and receive 15% off the entire order – ideal for troupes needing uniformity in color or design to present a polished, professional look.

Costumes in this Collection


The Hard Candy Collection

A force of nature, Intensity demands attention. The first in The Hard Candy Collection, Intensity is drenched in faceted, angled sparkle. Richly decorated with sew-on rhinestones and glass beads, Intensity tightly fuses a clean asymmetrical design with breathtaking brilliance and intricate fringe.

Intensity radiates amazing sparkle from every angle – from the saturated rhinestones to the shimmery mesh ruching to the short, sophisticated fringe, Intensity is designed to fire and flash away with every movement.